Q: How long should I change the track belts?

Normally,one year,But when the teeth are smoothness,it is better to call us to replace

Q: Why my chair cannot up or down stairs(only one function)?

The wires in the white control box or plastic control panel disconnecting

Call us to support you to rework or replace

Percent Defectives:0.5%

Q: Why all the red lights on but the chair cannot work?

The fuze wire broken,call us to change a new one

Percent Defectives:0.5%

Q: Why the battery lights not on?

A.if the chair can work,that mean the lights dropped inside the battery box

B.If the chair cannot work,call us to check details, we will support to repair or replace

Percent Defective:0.2%

Q: How to charge the battery? 

First,Disconnecting the parts which red marked

Second,connect the charge to the battery interfaces

When red lights on,it is charging

When green lights on,the battery is full

Q: How to start the chair?

First ,Open the belt,unfold the chair

Second,turn on the battery with the key, you will see the red lights on

Third,press power switch on the plastic control panel,when the red lights on,

The chair is ready to work

Q: How is about the packing?

For safety transport,we pack the chair into a wooden box When you receive the box,please remove the screw and take out the chair.


Q: What is your return policy? Who pays the return shipping? How much?

First of all, please contact us via support@insscare.com and fill in a form with the problems, we will deal with it within 7 days. 
If you return the chair, you may have to pay the return shipping, as we already pay the original shipping to you. This will cost different depending where you ship from.
Please keep the original packaging materials throughout your trial period, as we cannot accept any return without it's original box and packaging protection.