Surgical AC/DC Headlight KD-203AY-3
Surgical AC/DC Headlight KD-203AY-3
Surgical AC/DC Headlight KD-203AY-3

Surgical AC/DC Headlight KD-203AY-3

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Product Description

The headlight adopt brand 3W LED bulb as light source, through the design of optical structure, the light distribution is uniform, light spot clear and bright. It is mainly composed of lamp holder, headband, power box, charger.
Lithium battery power supply, AC/DC, can work while charging,the light spot size could be controlled by the ring on the lamp holder.
This product is made of high quality lightweight material, easy to wear,comfortable, meet medical disinfection requirement.
The battery is 2200mA,work time up to 4 hours,could be used while charging.
This product design fully consider product remarkable functions, at the same time also give full consideration to the customer's consumption cost, high performance-to-price ratio value, be widely used for examination and operation of local lighting in ent,dental, general surgery,micro plastic, also suitable for pet health.



Technical Parameters

1.Voltage:AC90-240V 50-60Hz
2.Input Power:≤5VA
3.Blub Power:LED 3W
4.Color temperature:5500±500K
6.Bulb life:50000h
8.DC charging time:5h
9.DC power supply time:4h
10.Load weight:200g
12.Package size:210*190*125mm
13.Packing material:carton

Battery parameters
2.Battery capacity:2200mA
3.Nominal voltage:3.7V
4.Limited charge voltage:4.2V