Xenon Cold Light Source XD-300-250W
Xenon Cold Light Source XD-300-250W
Xenon Cold Light Source XD-300-250W

Xenon Cold Light Source XD-300-250W

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Product Description

This product adopt 250W xenon lamp as light source,with high luminous efficiency, high illumination and high color rendering index . It reflects visible light to the light transmission outlet through the efficient reflector, transfers visible light through the optical fiber, and filters out 70% infrared heat at the same time,discharge by a heat removal system.
It is mainly composed of the power supply, the heat dissipation,light source and the case,etc.
This product is designed with touch operation, brightness adjustment is accurate and controllable.Multi-function interface with WOLF/STORZ for fast switching.
This product is powered by switching power supply, with stable performance,safe and reliable. It can be widely used in the inspection lighting of medical endoscope,such as hysteroscopy, anorectal speculum, otolaryngology and arthroscope, and also applicable to the endoscopic lighting field of industrial product.

Technical Parameters

1.Voltage:AC110V or 220V 50Hz~60Hz 
2.Input power:470VA 
4.Lamp power:250W
5.C.T.: 5600K
7.Lamp life:500h
8.Security type:class 1,BF type 
11.Packing size:395*380*240mm
12.Packaging material:carton